StealthGenie Review

StealthGenie is one of phone tracking applications currently available. Phone tracking software is a type of application that you can install on someone else’s phone for monitoring reasons. These can include the desire to catch a cheating partner, to find out what your employees are up to or even to monitor your child’s phone for safety reasons. Phone tracking apps can be useful for a variety of ethical reasons and are one of the top selling phone applications on the market today. Let’s take a look on a StealthGenie mobile spy software features more closely.


The price for StealthGenie is relatively cheap compared to some other similar applications, but it does not cover all the functions you can use, it is limited to the most basic one and does not give a full option package of mobile phone tracking. If you are interested in really stealth software, that will record phone activities, logs, GPS location, spy on SMS and browser history, photo and video captured, you should look for mobile spy software with more features.


Also, customer support is narrowed too. The customer can use a brief how-to, a FAQ and use a limited live chat with automatic answers. If the real problem with software appears, you can find answers only by yourself. StealthGenie can be installed only to Android, Blackberry and iPhone, it is rather limited list, where other mobile platforms are missed. StealthGenie compared to other mobile tracking applications, such as mSpy loses a lot of points.

Negative StealthGenie Features

- Limited tracking options
- Limited customer support
- Low mobile platform compatibility rate
- Complicated installing process

Positive StealthGenie Features

- Low price
- Basic tracking functions
- Access from PC
- Quick registration



Installing process is a little bit complicated compared to other spying mobile applications, because you need to set up a tracking code to the phone before installing spyware. It is time consuming process, because you need to have the access to phone twice more. It can cause problems and difficulties if you want to use spy mobile software anonymously.

Overall, we checked a piece of software, which does all basic mobile spy functions for parental control and employee monitoring, but it does not support all the possible features of mobile spy software presented on the market today. It is rather cheap, yet the price is relevant to the quality of cell phone spy software.


- SMS monitoring
- Phone calls tracking
- Browser history spying
- Report GPS location
- Access from PC
- Supported by Android, Blackberry, iPhone

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