Cell Phone Monitoring Software for iPhone 5

Since the iPhone 5 has been released, its users have been waiting for a jailbreak for the latest operating system. The wait is now over and the iOS 6 jailbreak has been released, which has enabled users to jailbreak the iPhone 5 and all devices that run on the iOS 6. In addition, the wait is over for parents and employers who want to monitor the iPhone 5 given to their children or employees.

The iPhone and other smartphones available nowadays are way more advanced than the simple mobile phones that were available in the past. Smartphones of today are as good as computers and have been designed to function as a portable computer that goes everywhere with the user, with the additional feature of making calls and sending/receiving texts. The new technology has also, unfortunately, given birth to various risks to security, privacy and safety.

The newly found risks to security and safety have led to parents as well as employers looking for new ways to monitor what is happening on the iOS 6 gadgets and devices that they have given their employers and children’s. The new tracking software for the iPhone 5 is the best solution for parents and employers alike. Once the software has been quickly installed on the iPhone 5 to be targeted, it will silently record all the activity and directly upload it onto a secure online control panel that parents or employers can later access, at any time.

The cell phone monitoring software for the iPhone 5 is packed with the following features:

- Monitoring of call details
- Record all incoming and outgoing text messages
- Tracking and monitoring of social media activity
- Monitoring of email activity
- GPS location tracking
- Recording of all iMessages (iPhone 5 and iOs 6 devices)
- Remote uninstallation of applications

In addition to all this, you also have the option of adding the LIVE control panel (comes as an add-on).

For several months now, the updated iOS 6 has been available for the iPhone 5 and other Apple devices. This has led to many employers and parents to go on the hunt for the perfect spy software for the iPhone 5 and iOs 6 gadgets.



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