SpyBubble Review

Positive Features of SpyBubble:

- Supports old and new generation of cell phone devices
- Supports the iPad
- Continuous updates
- Easy installation procedure

Negative Features of SpyBubble:

- Not compatible with Mac
- Low rate of availability of its customer support
- The money back guarantee is not an assurance
- No sufficient evidence to support their claim that they are being talked about

SpyBubble is by far the best and most advanced way to monitor and determine the whereabouts of a person. Well, so far, this is what the marketing campaigns of most mobile tracking products say. So, let’s cut to the chase and determine whether it lives up to its promises through this review.


The price range of its products starts at $49.95 a year which is way cheaper than other alternatives. Whether you are thinking of purchasing this product now or you still have reservations about it, here is a quick look at its pros and cons to help you decide:

The good thing about this product is that it supports almost all Internet-enabled phones and even a device such as the iPad. There are continuous updates also that address most of the glitches caused by updates in your OS and other programs.  Lastly, the installation is very easy as a step-by-step guide is provided by the installation wizard of the software.


The marketing campaign of SpyBubble is so hyped. In fact, there appeared to be many sites that endorse it. When we tried this product we were overwhelmed by its promises. However, we found out a few issues with this, here they are:

This is perfect for Windows users but if you are a Mac user, forget about it. Their customer service can be contacted through email. They may appear to have a live chat, but ever since we bought their product, we never witnessed a sign that it would ever go online. This fact was also observed by many customers. Some customers have complained that when they tried to get their money back after reporting that the product did not go with their expectations, the customer support always came up with reasons that would delay their refund. Another very overwhelming claim in their site is where they mention that they are being talked about. When we tried to access the links, we found out that they all lead to cheap PR sites, not from authority or official sites from popular websites or companies.


We recommend them for the fact that their products support many popular cell phones that we have today and even tablets. The easy installation and continuous updates are also great. However, they should offer something that is compatible with Mac users.

However, there are some factors that made us think twice about them. One major issue is their customer support. There was never a sign that their live chat was ever going to be online and the email response took too long to address our issues. This was also the observation of other users. According to them, this is especially true when customers are claiming their 60 day money back. The customer support kept on stalling them to delay the procedure. In the case of their heavily hyped marketing and claims, anyone can just make a PR site. They should try to link their claims to the official sites of popular or reputable companies not just based from individual or personal PR sites.

 Notable Features of SpyBubble

- Tracking calls, emails and SMS.
- GPS location tracking.
- Access to various cell phone applications like the contacts and multimedia files.
- Record calls, capture environmental sounds, and keep track of online-surfing history.

So, whether you should get their product or not, it is entirely up to you.

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