FlexiSpy Review

  A FlexiSpy review should look at everything the software has to offer, since there is such a wide range of features and functions. There are two main products that FlexiSpy has to offer, FlexiSpy OMNI and FlexiSpy Lite. The first one is the fully fledged and featured program which supports a vast array of functions, including the ability to read emails, SMS messages and call logs. Additionally, you can view GPS locations even if the target cell phone has no internet connection at a particular point in time – the system can resolve a geographical location using cell phone towers. For those people who know what they are looking for, such as a particular name or topic, they can search most of the phone using keywords.

  This FlexiSpy review also seeks to highlight standout points within a mobile tracking application. For FlexiSpy, the main standout points are the ability to listen into live phone calls. Yes you read that right, you can actually listen in to phone calls as they happen.

  For mobile spies that are always on the go, FlexiSpy supports the ability to forward all captured material to your e-mail inbox, allowing you to get instant updates on what is happening, no matter where you are. When writing this FlexiSpy review, we discovered that they also offer live support, but at the time that we checked, it was offline and there was no indication as to the opening hours of the live chat.

  Overall, FlexiSpy is a quite a well-equipped mobile tracking system, however, it’s price tag seems to match is list of features, but if you are prepared to pay what they are asking, the features should serve you well. To end this FlexiSpy review, we will advise that it is best to weigh the pros and cons of a variety of products before choosing one.

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