Combat Nomophobia By Tracking Employees Mobiles With Phone Spy Apps

We all know somebody who seems obsessed with their mobile phone. These individuals are constantly checking their phone and cannot imagine living without their cell right by their side. It might even be you who exhibits this sort of behavior! It could be more than just an annoying habit, it could be signs of a mental illness known as Nomophobia – the fear of not having a mobile phone to hand!

Recent studies have shown that many employees have some level of fear that they will lose their mobile phone and most say they would indeed be lost without it. However, when this fear and obsessive behavior is taken to the extreme, that is when it can develop into a serious mental illness which will bleed into all areas of their lives. Nomophobia sufferers are strangely preoccupied with their mobile phones and will obsess over new messages, possible signal weakness and battery life. This behavior will take over their thoughts and they may develop high levels of anxiety which can in turn lead to physical health concerns including elevated blood pressure, diabetes and immune system deficiencies.

So what differentiates a normal cell phone user from a Nomophobia sufferer? In simple terms, it is the extent to which they use their mobile phone. It is fairly normal in today’s society to carry your mobile phone close at all times and to check messages and receive or make calls. However, when this use becomes obsessive and habitual that is when we are entering the territory of Nomophobia. There is the constant sending and receiving of messages which soon occupies every waking moment and turns them into cell phone addicts. Over time it will become impossible for them to put their phone away or turn it off. This is often aggravated by social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. When sufferers post status updates or send a tweet, they will constantly be compelled to check for likes or replies and as long as people do so they will fuel a vicious cycle of obsessive cell phone use.

In an office environment, employees are required to use their phone throughout the working day. They may use a company cell phone, not only for calls and text messaging but also for email. Statistics suggest that around half of the workforce in America admit to checking work emails in bed, on vacation and even when driving. This could increase the risk of them developing Nomophobia. That is why many employers are using mobile monitoring software to track phone use among their employees. With iPhone spy software such as mSpy, employers can track phone usage and look at how it is affecting employee efficiency at work.

Nomophobia can be debilitating, but it can be managed with professional help and support. The key is to be patient and gradually wen yourself off of their mobile phone dependence. If you feel you could be bordering on this metal illness, then it is best to cut back on your cell hone use and stop stressing over battery life or network coverage.



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