Spector Soft Review


To help customers decide whether to avail of their products or not, here is a quick look at it and a brief discussion of its pros and cons:

Positive Features of SpectorSoft:

- Compatible with Mac and Windows-based computers
- Control access of computers
- Many packages to choose from
- Receive keyword alert notifications
- Availability of a toll-free customer support in a 24/7 period
- Ease of Installation

Negative Features of SpectorSoft:

- Only supports Blackberry and Android phones
- Compatibility issues with Windows 7
- Gets detected by Norton as a Spyware or spam
- Customer support does not provide an effective solution sometimes

This is a good solution to address your need to monitor your family, employees, and most especially cheating partners. It has been a leading worldwide solution for monitoring computers since 1999. According to its website, it received the 2010 Product Innovation Award from Network Products Guide. All that sounds great, but let us take a look if it lives up to its customers’ expectations by looking at its basic features, pros and cons, and other significant factors.


It is a good thing that this supports Mac and Windows users. This means it can work with most computers. When you use iOS, you always should check if software is compatible, this one is. That is  a plus. SpectorSoft is also a good tool to prevent access to unwanted sites, but this feature is a must for today’s mobile spy software, anyway, it is plus that developers provide it.

Through careful configuration, you will be notified right away if the user of the targeted computer or phone is talking about something inappropriate like sex, violence, drugs, and others. The installation of this product is easy. The step-by-step instruction to go through with it is provided during the installation process, you won’t have problems with that.


To date, it is only limited to 2 kinds of cell phones. It is only supported by Android and Blackberry. It feels like really not enough for that price they provide. Another major flaw is its detection by Norton as a Spyware or spam. This causes glitches and problems in terms of functionality, and at times, it gets removed upon detection. Such application should be as more stealth as it possible, and if the antivirus finds it and flag as virus, you probably should not use it.

Also, users have complained about the product not working or malfunctioning after updating to Windows 7. After testing customer support we decided that there were no clear solutions given. So think users, who complain about the lengthy and hard-to-understand solutions given by its customer support.


Everything in their product line is priced at $99.95. This is way too expensive for customers, you can easily find a cheaper one with same features. The features provided by SpectorSoft software are really not enough to justify its pricing.

Basic Features:

- Can be used to track the activities of computers.
- Enables monitoring of the activities and location of cell phones.
- Record activities.
- Control the program remotely.
- Get notifications anytime.


Based on our use of this product and customer reviews, we rate it satisfactory. We recommend that they should focus including major cell phones that made their way into households and businesses like the iPhone, Nokia, and Windows Mobile. They should also come up with a patch or installation updates every time that a new OS is released like the Windows 7. They should work on the issues with Norton and improve their customer support as well.


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