iFunia DVD Ripper Review

iFunia DVD Ripper is an application that does exactly what the name indicates. It rips movies off a DVD and converts them into a format that’s playable on your computer, smartphone or other device. It works well enough to be worth considering. It’s easy to use and has a collection of preset profiles that will optimize your rip for a number of devices. However, it is one of the slowest applications on our side-by-side comparison chart, taking nearly five times as long to rip and convert a movie than the best DVD rippers we reviewed.

The interface is simple enough to figure out quickly. In order to start a DVD rip, you just put the disc in your tray, click on Add-DVD, pick your conversion parameters and click Start. This is as easy as any of the other DVD rippers in our review.

If you want to optimize your rip for a smartphone, tablet or gaming system, you can choose from a number of preprogrammed output profiles provided by the application. Simply find the profile of the device you want to watch your movie on and iFunia will automatically customize your rip for that device. The profile library is pretty good as far as such things go, and if you have a mainstream device, it's likely that you can find it or a suitable equivalent in this application.

You also have the option to edit the video on the DVD before you rip it. The integrated video editor is basic but useful. It allows you to trim away any unwanted footage, crop the video and add watermarks. This is useful, but it's limited to the very basic kinds of edits.

Where this application really falls down is in how long it takes to compete a rip. No matter what quality setting you have the output settings dialed to, iFunia takes what feels like an eternity to rip a movie. In fact, in our tests it took exactly how long it would have taken to watch the movie to rip it. This is a stark contrast to some of the best DVD rippers that take less than a quarter of that time.

To make things worse, if your computer goes to sleep during a rip, the application will halt progress on your conversion. This is extraordinarily inconvenient because it requires you to either manually change your computer's settings to avoid its sleep cycle or babysit your computer throughout the lengthy conversion process.

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