WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is outstanding DVD ripping software that enables you to watch your DVD movies on any device capable of video playback. It offers well more than a hundred optimized conversion profiles for everything from simple file formats to tailored rips for devices such as smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.

It also rips quickly, scoring in the top tier of our speed tests. The results are high quality; if you choose the highest possible video quality, you can’t tell the difference between the ripped video and the original DVD. This DVD ripper also gives you the ability to rip raw DVD files such as the disc image and Video TS folders. This is a feature that most of the products in our review of the best DVD rippers don’t have.

Conversion Choices

Probably the most important thing to understand about this DVD ripper is how well they’ve constructed their output profile library. This software makes it easy to rip your DVDs into file formats such as MOV, AVI, MP4, WMV and more. Through a simple process that takes less than half an hour, you can have a file you can play without the need for a disc or a DVD player.

Not all devices play the all video formats. Additionally, each device has its own preferred settings for optimal video playback. For example, if you have an iPhone with retina display, you want to have your rip conversion settings different than that for a Samsung Galaxy Tab. WinX provides an elegant solution. Their profile library has an exhaustive list of makes and models of smartphones and tablets. Well more than a hundred distinct devices are represented. If a video file that is specifically tailored to your devices software and hardware is something you need, WinX DVD Ripper is application that is most likely to have the ability to create it for you.

These days, video gaming systems, both handheld and console, have hard drives that you can load your movie library onto for your viewing convenience. This DVD ripper optimizes your movies for storage and playback on these devices. Like the smartphone and tablet options, all you have to do is select which system you have and the application automatically optimizes your rip for your gaming console. It even has profiles for the latest generation of consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Ripping Attributes

When we rated and ranked the best DVD ripper software on the market, we subjected each product on our lineup to a speed test. We picked a longer movie with intense special effects in order to put the applications through their paces. WinX DVD Ripper's ripping times were among the fastest of all the products we reviewed, ripping all the movies we tested in half an hour or less.

When you convert a movie from a DVD into a format such as AVI or MP4, there is always the possibility that the conversion will bloat the file size. WinX manages to avoid this problem. Each file we ripped using this software was a manageable file size. And if you rip a movie for a specific device, the end file will be no bigger than it needs to be, thereby conserving the limited storage space on your mobile device.

In addition to converting your DVD movies into other file formats, this DVD ripper has the ability to pull the raw files off the disc without converting them. So if you want to pull a DVDs ISO or Video TS folders, you can. When you have a disc’s ISO file, you can burn it onto a new disc that is just as good and playable as the original. Only one other DVD ripper on our lineup has this ability.

Customization Tools

For some advanced users, the library of preset output profiles just doesn’t meet their need to tinker with the result of a rip. WinX enables users to fine-tune a DVD rip by offering tools that allow them to adjust video elements such as bit-rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, codec and more.

There is also a basic video editor integrated into this program. This is not uncommon for DVD rippers, but this editor is even more basic than the competition. You can trim footage, crop video and even edit subtitles. However, it lacks the ability to add adjust-picture values, such as brightness and contrast, and it cannot add watermarks. Those are small quibbles, but they are worth mentioning because a majority of the competition offers those tools.

Help & Suppor

WinX has an impressive assortment of both customer and technical support. If you have a problem with the software or your order, you can get ahold of a representative via email. If you have a technical inquiry, you can consult their FAQ section and knowledgebase on their website. The only support option they lack is LiveChat.

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