Open DVD Ripper Review

One of the best DVD ripper applications that we reviewed is Open DVD Ripper. It’s simple to use, has a wide selection of conversion profiles, allows you to edit movies before you rip them and is blazing fast when it comes to actually performing the rip. For these reasons and more, Open DVD Ripper earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for DVD ripper software.

Conversion Choices

This DVD ripper has two modes, Express and Expert. Express mode makes ripping for specific devices and formats easy. Whatever your device, in about half an hour, you can have a tailor-made file for it.

The profile library isn’t limited to smartphones and tablets. You also have the option of picking plain-Jane file formats like MOV, AVI and MP4. Additionally, if you want to convert your DVD library for playback on your gaming consoles, you’ll find profiles for PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii as well as some Sony mobile gaming systems. The latest generation of consoles was not represented.

Ripping Attributes

When we rated and ranked the best DVD rippers on the market, we performed a speed test on each of them. Open DVD Ripper ripped and converted the fastest in that test. So if speed is something you value, then Open DVD Ripper is an excellent choice for you.

This software also comes with integrated CSS decryption tools that remove the copy protections commonly found on commercial discs. This allows you to make digital copies of the movies you already own without having to decrypt the disc beforehand.

Customization Tools

Expert Mode is where you find most of the fine-tuning tools of this DVD ripper. Where Express Mode only allows you to rip the main movie, Expert Mode enables you to select which audio and video tracks you want to rip. It also gives you some refinement tools that enable you to modify technical aspects of your rip such as bitrate, frame rate, aspect ratio and much more.

Expert Mode is where you find Open Ripper's integrated video-editing tools. These tools provide the ability to perform basic tasks such as trimming footage, adjusting contrast, changing brightness and cropping video. You also have the ability to add watermarks and 3D effects to 2D footage. These tools are alright as far as they go, but if you’re looking to perform major surgery on a ripped DVD, it's best to buy a full-bodied video editor that has a bit more power.

Help & Suppor

OpenCloner, the maker of Open DVD Ripper, has an extensive customer service and technical support array. If you have a question or issue, you can interact with the company via LiveChat and email. They also have tutorials, FAQs section and an impressive knowledge base.

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