Magic DVD Ripper Review

Magic DVD Ripper allows you to rip DVDs quickly and easily. However, while it has more raw backup options than its competitors, it has no integrated video editing tools. It allows you to convert DVDs for specific devices, but its list of output profiles is tiny when compared with the best DVD rippers.

Probably the strongest aspect of Magic DVD Ripper is the fact that it allows you to preform both DVD backups and file conversions. Most of the other products in our review are limited to the conversion-only rips. The inclusion of backup tools enables you to rip the disc image file (ISO) or the raw Video TS folders. This is a handy tool in case you want to burn a new copy of your DVD. And while this program doesn’t have any burning capabilities, once you have the ISO file, you can simply burn that to a new disc using Windows native burning tools.

The conversion can help you rip a movie from a disc and convert it into a format that is playable on a computer or a smartphone or another device. This DVD ripper software has a short list of preprogrammed optimization profiles for smartphones, tablets and gaming systems. However, unless you have an iPhone, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find your specific device on that list. It has a couple of generic Android and smartphone profiles, but that’s hardly a replacement for device-specific rips.

This DVD ripping application does let you set your own rip settings and save them to a profile. So if you know the resolution, bit-rate, codec and other details you want, then you can build a video tailored to your specific needs. However, this program lacks video editing tools that allow you to trim video clips, add watermarks and adjust picture values such as contrast and brightness.

Another really handy feature of this DVD ripper is that you don’t have to worry about any copy protections found on commercial discs. It has a built-in CSS decrypter and can blow right past region codes with no interaction from the user whatsoever. The fact that you don’t have to think about this kind of thing is great because other software sometimes requires you to download a third-party decrypter to get past copy protections.

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