123 Copy DVD Gold Review

123 Copy DVD Gold is more than DVD ripper software. In fact, the ability to rip a DVD isn’t even the main feature of the application. Rather, this application is a digital video toolbox that enables you to complete a number of disc-related tasks, from ripping to converting and burning new discs.

The most common reason people use any DVD ripper is to make digital copies of movies they already own. However, to prevent piracy, nearly all commercial discs are encrypted with some kind of copy protection. 123 Copy DVD Gold does not have the ability to break these encryptions natively. If you want to rip commercial discs, you need to download and install a third-party plugin. This is somewhat of a pain, because some DVD decrypters are a bit questionable and prone to contain malware. To combat this problem there is a list of recommended decrypters on the product website. Still, we’d like to see this capability integrated into the program itself in future versions.

Ripping a DVD file just how you need it is quite important. Any device you want to watch a movie on will have its own particular settings that work best for it. To this end, the best DVD rippers have started including libraries of preprogrammed output profiles dedicated to optimizing rips for particular devices. 123 Copy DVD Gold was ahead of this trend years ago. Unfortunately, it has fallen behind the times. This program only includes optimization profiles for a handful of devices, gaming systems and file formats. The top products in our review are up to date, providing formats for the newest media devices.

While this program may be limited by comparison to other DVD rippers, it does have a large feature set that could offset some of those shortcomings. For example, this application as a very convenient tool that allows you to download videos directly from the internet. It has a powerful, if rudimentary, video editor and DVD authoring tools. It has a whole library of data and audio disc tools. However, its most impressive feature is its ability to make exact duplicates of your DVD movies and burn them onto new discs. None of these features are first rate, but they are good enough to make this program attractive for users who don’t need cutting-edge software but could find use for the basic functionality it provides.

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